Maximize the Value of Your Intellectual Property

Deerfield International employs comprehensive intellectual property business cycle solutions to maximize the value of your Intellectual Property and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Assert Your IP Rights

    IP is the product of years of investment and hard work. Deerfield can ensure you reap the rewards of your innovations by identifying those culpable parties who threaten your brand.

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  • Defend Your IP Rights

    Your business may face challenges from global competitors alleging infringement of their supposed IP Rights. Deerfield provides the technical support to quash these claims.

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  • Monetize Your IP Rights

    IP should be the greatest asset on your balance sheet. Deerfield adopts a holistic approach, executing the licensing strategies and transactions necessary to maximize the value of your IP.

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  • Manage Your IP Rights

    Do not limit your IP Strategy to a one time transaction and file it away. Deerfield provides a custom-tailored strategy, including competitive landscape analysis, to effectively manage your IP.

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