Patent Evaluations

Patents are a complicated asset, whose value depends not on a single data point, but rather a function of several factors contributing to the patent value. These factors include the strength and breadth of claims, current commercial use, likelihood of future commercial use, and the size of the impacted market and related revenues. There are also several factors which can decrease the value of a patent including encumbrances such as licenses, similar prior art, or issues with the prosecution history. Deerfield's expert patent reviews give IP managers a thorough understanding of the intrinsic merits and limitations of every patent in a portfolio. A thorough understanding of all these factors at work in the IP market, from a business, legal, and technical perspective, will ensure your firm realizes the maximum value of your assets. An engagement with Deerfield will lead to more profitable licensing campaigns, savings on renewals, an agile defensive response to competition, and ultimately better patents.

Brand Protection and Enforcement

Don't just rely on Customs Officers to intercept your counterfeited goods and pirated software shipments. Be proactive and take down the entire counterfeit supply chain using Deerfield's Anti-Counterfeiting Services. Deerfield uses patent-pending information gathering techniques to obtain context-based data. We use advanced spiders, ants, multi-lingual crawlers, and artificial intelligence-based penetration testing tools capable of accessing data. Deerfield procures this information using software tools not available in traditional web searching. Our services include:

  • Context-based crawler searches on Open Source data on the internet (media reports, social networks, cached internet analysis);
  • Information gathering from a network of local sources;
  • Social networking to gather insider information (uninformed discussion, chat, message exchange);
  • Opt-In digital signal interception;
  • Computer forensics and cyber intelligence;
  • Information extraction, decryption, decoding, correlation and analysis.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Intellectual property (IP) is a term referring to a number of distinct types of creations of the mind for which property rights are recognized. Common types of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets in some jurisdictions. These assets can be the single most significant value in a company, yet they are generally not visible on the balance sheet. However, there is an easy way to make IP visible on the balance sheet – turn it into cash. These assets may be monetized relatively easily by selling or licensing them.

Firms typically view patents as a means of protecting their products and technology from competition. In the process, they often overlook the opportunity to license patents for non-competing applications, or selling patents which are not being utilized. The challenge lies in the fact that an intellectual property asset is not a traditional product. Most firms do not have a systematic program for IP commercialization. The problem is compounded even further since companies rarely look beyond their own industry to license, sell, or acquire technologies. No one understands the IP market better than Deerfield International. We have developed the talent, tools, and contacts necessary to make successful IP transactions well within your grasp.

Business Strategy and Planning

Deerfield International works closely with their clients, developing robust strategic and tactical plans to identify new markets and opportunities in an ever changing and competitive corporate landscape. Deerfield's group of consultants provide clients with a deep and rigorous analysis of not only their own firm's intellectual property, but also the intellectual property of their competitors. Deerfield's service transcends traditional inside the box financial and cookie-cutter database analysis. We draw upon a global network of subject matter experts to deliver unique insight, perspective, and depth to strategic decision making.

Opportunity Identification

Deerfield offers a full suite of intellectual property evaluative tools, that when coupled with the industry knowledge of our subject matter experts, assist venture capital, private equity, and hedge fund professionals in identifying those "golden nugget" investment opportunities. We often serve as a matchmaker between these financial professionals seeking high quality investment grade patent portfolios and our intellectual property clients seeking financial support. Our track record is unparalleled with both parties benefitting from this commercial relationship.

Litigation Support

Deerfield maintains a global network of highly experienced experts representing a wide array of niche fields of technology expertise. Our experts are carefully screened, have a proven record of success, and can support any intellectual property needs that may arise, whether for reverse engineering or expert witness services. Deerfield's database of testifying experts is a result of our continual effort to enlist and empanel experts from around the globe to meet the intellectual property needs of our clients.